Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Next League Meeting - Dan Boland's Place 7pm

Thursday November 9th Run-through at Dan Boland's place
Another good day gentlemen,

Dan has offered his place up to the rowdy bunch of singers, oh barbershoppers for this Thursday. Dan has a great place where in the past we have brought together musicians to jam.

This week, we should focus on the four songs:

That Railroad Rag (just good fun)
Don't be a baby, baby (difficult harmony parts for note placement)
Drivin' Me Crazy (who says drivin')
When I'm Sixty Four (personally still in a learning phase)

 I want to try to get the blend a little tighter on some of the older songs that we have been doing so we may not get through full songs.

Here is the location for Dan's place:

11 Brackley Place, Halifax