Saturday, 17 June 2017

Audacity Program to aid in the learning process

The Audacity team is pleased to announce the release today of Audacity 2.1.3 

The Audacity Team.
Don has already helped Chris Preston to download Audacity and get him started. Don is a good source. I can also help.
I have also added the following plugins that allow you to export in different file formats such as MP3 files using LAME. The FFmpeg is a useful plugin if you want to import a windows audio file with an extension .WMA.

The Leagues Inauguration

June 15th

What an excellent evening! A good evening for singing. The following people were able to make the evening:

Les Currie (baritone); Elliot Lehman, Don Sketchley, Ron Marchant (bass); Chris Preston, Raymond Sewell, Ed Berkovits (lead); and myself Ron (tenor).

Les and I were able to sing throughout the evening so we were limited to the songs that I knew. Only one quartet could sing the "Railroad Rag" that evening; therefore, we focused on suggested songs.

We are going to get the rest of the music to you shortly but in the meantime, the focus should be on "Railroad Rag".


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Good Evening Gentlemen of Note

Good evening Gentlemen,

The barbershop chorus and quartet sound is a very rich sound that give people and the singers a lot of joy. I have been blessed with singing with September Sound for a number of years and also traveled to Marlborough Mass for the past four years to focus on quartet singing. As quartet singers will attest, the process of learning a song together is very uplifting.

This is my attempt to engage great singers from our chorus and possibly others to get together and learn to sing and perform four part harmony with a number of people in a quartet structure, but not a fixed quartet. The years going down to Mass., I found that the knowing the song bring the process of learning to be very enriching. 

The idea is to meet once a month to go over the song or songs to get singing with the other parts. Then break out into quartets and work the song maybe with a fifth ear to give helpful feedback. What makes this process work best is that each person know their part. Then the fun part begins to sing in close harmony. 

During the month, anyone can host a run-through and invite voice parts to sing.

The five songs are:

1. Railroad Rag - chorus song recommended by Russell to get things started.
2. Drivin' Me Crazy - Polecat II song and from Millstreams old rep
3. Don't be a baby, baby - Millstream old rep and September Sound rep
4. When I'm Sixty Four - Swells old rep and Casual Tide
5. Be Our Guest - new song