Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Thursday September 21 Run-through at Dan Boland's place

Another good day gentlemen,

Dan has offered his place up to the rowdy bunch of singers, oh barbershoppers for this Thursday. Dan has a great place where in the past we have brought together musicians to jam.

This week, we should focus on the four songs:

That Railroad Rag (just good fun)
Don't be a baby, baby (difficult harmony parts for note placement)
Drivin' Me Crazy (who says drivin')
When I'm Sixty Four (personally still in a learning phase)

I want to try to get the blend a little tighter on some of the older songs that we have been doing so we may not get through full songs.

Here is the location for Dan's place:

11 Brackley Place, Halifax

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Wednesday Sept 6 Run-Through starting at 7pm

Good Evening Gentlemen,

Ron Marchand has offered his house for the next episode of the league where we shall going over the following three songs.
That Railroad Rail
Don't be a baby, baby
Driving Me Crazy

If four parts know "When I am sixty four", we will listen.
We are still calling on Baritones to make the evening right.

Ron's place is located in Halifax
Drive to the very end of Almon St heading towards Halifax Shopping Centre, turn right on to Goe. Dauphinee, 7th house on right. House is  Green with Canadian flag hanging on front porch.

2869 George Dauphinee Av.