Sunday, 12 August 2018

Meeting at North Woodside Community Centre Gym at 7pm Wednesday August 15th

Good Evening Gentlemen,

Six Weeks into Summer

Hard to believe that this is only the third instalment of the league this summer. It almost feels that we should be meeting once a week instead and take on more music.

Two weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that "Do you Hear the people Sing" is more for a chorus with many voices than for a quartet. Although the quartet on the tracks are brilliant, it would be difficult to sing the song as a quartet. Maybe as an extra song, we could attempt it. So after much deliberation and consultation (actually it was Russell), the song "Ain't Misbehaven'" is a song that many older Swell's singers know, but we can get into that song quickly.

Two weeks ago at the Son Life church, the sounds made by the participants did not start well, but ended incredibly well. I should tape the sessions and take the best sound for all to hear. Just a thought. Cheers.

The Songs for this week

"Dream a Little Dream"
"Make Em Laugh"
"As Time Goes By"

Updating "Make 'em Laugh"

Apparently, no let's clarify this that the learning tracks for "Make 'em Laugh" are not correct and should be updated. I will make that happen this weekend. Thanks.

The Place and Time

Elliott Lehman will host this session of the league.
7pm at the City of Lakes Chorus weekly meeting place near NSCC waterfront.
North Woodside Community Centre, Gym
230 Pleasant Street
Dartmouth, NS

Digging into the Learning Tracks

The concept is to know your songs prior to coming out. Listen to your learning tracks a number of times to get an idea of the songs.