Friday, 7 July 2017

Quarteters Parts

Good afternoon everyone,

The league is for Quartet singers who like singing tough arrangements and who are not afraid to push themselves to learn words and notes to five fantastic arrangements. We will hold a friendly competition at the end of our package in the late October, early November time-frame. There will be some great singing and laughs. Preparation will be the key and all league singers are expected to be one hundred percent of their notes and words learned by contest.

It is a unique experience. Men who want to demonstrate that they have the ability, willingness and drive to learn five songs word and note perfect. That requires discipline.

Here is the link to the music. Only download the music that applies to your respective part. To download the music, right-click over the song and select "Save Link As..."

Link to the Music

When you have downloaded your respective tracks for your part, please email me so that I can keep track of the number of music that is out there to keep it legal. We will have to pay for BE OUR GUEST in the future.

Ron Blair

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  1. It's July 20th.
    When and where are we meeting again?