Saturday, 12 August 2017

Need a host for run-throughs on Wednesday nights

I will be busy Tuesday and Thursday nights until Sept 17, so if a host can be found preferably on a Wednesday night (or Fridays or other) so I can make it out.

Also on Wednesdays (or Fridays) would be a great opportunity for our baritones to come out and join us. It isn't that we cannot accomplish a whole lot without the baritones, but it would be nice. In fact, last Thursday was spectacular for the singers that made it out since the group focused on learning how to match with different parts by dueting and also with three parts. In fact, we went over the time limit by 15 minutes.

We touched on "Drivin' me Crazy" and walked away with a pretty good sound with just two tries. There are two key changes in the song and there is a tendency is speed up during Chorus 2, but we made both on the second try.

Back to obtaining people to host the group. I believe during the summer, the numbers have been approximately 6-10 people so your place should be able to hold that many. Please you are not obligated to treat anybody with cakes or cookies, in fact, water is probably the only substance that our singers might ask for. I would offer my place, but being in Middle Sackville it is a drive for everyone but me.


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