Sunday, 8 July 2018

New Addition will be Wednesday July 11, 2018 at 7pm

Good morning Gentlemen,

The Master of the Domain
Russell Sketchley has kindly taking on this role this week. I will be in Oakville, Ontario with family.

The Place and Time
Elliott Lehman and the Dartmouth Chapter has opened their doors for this session of the league so an extreme thank-you to Elliott for hosting.
7pm at the City of Lakes Chorus weekly meeting place near NSCC waterfront.
North Woodside Community Centre, Gym
230 Pleasant Street
Dartmouth, NS

The Songs
"Dream a Little Dream"
The second song moving forward will be "Make Em Laugh"
There are a couple of songs that the Harmonizers and City of Lakes is "Sentimental Journey" and "Under the Boardwalk" for warmup and filler songs.

The Concept
The concept is to know your songs prior to coming out. I know we are all busy, but knowing your songs makes for a better experience. It is difficult to read and listen at the same time. 

Downloading Songs and PDFs
Some singers are experiencing difficulty downloading songs from the site. The only advice I have here is to right-click on the song and choose "Download Linked File..." on a Mac product. I don't know what it would be on a Windows product.

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